Jake Denton represents individuals and small businesses in civil and criminal matters. Practice areas include Defamation, Personal Injury, Employment, Civil Rights, and Constitutional Law. We take pride in earning our clients' trust. 

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Jeremiah A. Denton IV – or "Jake," as his family and friends have always known him – helps clients tackle what are often the biggest problems of their lives. Jake learned the practice of law from his father, Jeremiah A. Denton III, as well as his mother and stepfather, the Honorable Winship and Guy Tower. Jake cherishes his family – he is happily married to his childhood neighbor Katie; the father of two boys and a girl; and one of countless first cousins. Jake is grateful for a lifelong network of friends throughout Tidewater and beyond – and proud to have no known enemies. He serves on the boards of the Virginia Beach North End Civic League and the Virginia Beach Surf and Rescue Museum. Jake started Denton Law in 2022 after over a decade of practicing law. His goal; to help people and businesses navigate complex, life-altering legal problems. He strives to provide his clients with extraordinary communication, professionalism, and problem-solving.


Expert Legal Advice

Jake Denton practices in Virginia state and federal courts, including circuit court and general district court. Jake has appellate experience at the Virginia Supreme Court and has served as court appointed attorney representing indigent defendants and has served as local counsel for the Innocence Project. Jake volunteers pro bono representation to domestic violence victims through the Virginia Beach Bar Association C.L.A.S.S. program. Jake is a member of the I’Anson Inn of Court and the Virginia Beach Bar Association; he graduated Cum Laude from the William & Mary Law School.

Jake’s litigation experience includes a ten-week bank fraud trial; speeding ticket acquittals; an 8-figure multi-district qui tam whistleblower case; judgments pursuant to Virginia’s revenge porn statute; and many other types of matters.

While Jake maintains a broad civil litigation practice to accommodate the diverse needs of his clients, he focuses on defamation law, employment litigation, and constitutional law.

Defamation, libel, and slander cases – including online and social media defamation – make up much of Jake’s practice. Jake learned the law of defamation from his father, who has a well-earned reputation as one of Virginia’s fiercest defamation attorneys. Due to the unfortunate amount of vitriol online and on social media, as well as in the political sphere and throughout society – Jake often represents clients who have suffered damages due to the publication of false statements harmful to their reputation.

Jake also handles select personal injury cases and criminal matters.

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation cases refer to any legal dispute where monetary damages are being sought out by two or more parties. Any time you sue someone or are being sued, you are involved in civil litigation and should consider obtaining an attorney.


Constitutional Law

Constitutional law cases involve asserting rights protected under the United States and/or Virginia constitutions, including civil cases such as police brutality cases.  Criminal defense also involves constitutional law, as do numerous other practice areas.



Defamation, slander or libel describes the act in which a statement of fact is used to damage your reputation. A case of defamation can lead to a lawsuit for money damages to recover when your financial, physical, and emotional wellbeing have suffered. A defamation case can be difficult, with many defenses and subtle legal rules. The Virginia statute of limitations for defamation cases is just one year from the date of publication of the false statement, so it’s important to contact a lawyer in a timely manner.



Employment law includes cases in which your rights are violated by your employer’s discrimination based on:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • National Origin
  • Pregnancy

Employment cases include a range of other matters such as unpaid overtime, Family and Medical Leave Act, the Virginia Human Rights Act, Title VII, and others.


Personal Injury

Personal injury or tort law is designed to protect you or your property in the event of a person’s act or failure to act that leads to harm. The most common way to prove the other party was at fault in your harm is through negligence. Negligence is described as a failure to exercise ordinary or reasonable care that is expected under certain circumstances. Personal injury cases include car and truck crash cases; medical malpractice cases; slip and fall cases; and all other cases where one person is liable for injuries caused to another person.


Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

Jake Denton regularly represents victims of workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.


Whistleblower and qui tam Litigation

If you are aware of companies or individuals committing fraud against the government, you may have a significant qui tam case that could entitle you to a substantial “relator’s share” recovery. Jake Denton has experience in qui tam litigation.

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Expert Legal Advice

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Mission and Vision

The Denton Law promise is to provide our clients with exceptional legal services. We are committed to giving personal attention to each client’s unique needs and fighting for their rights.

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