Personal Injury Litigation

Personal injury or tort law is designed to protect you or your property in the event of an individual's action or non-action that leads to harm. This includes both actions intended and unintended to harm another, and any action that should have been taken by a responsible party to prevent harm. In personal injury cases, documentation of the event is required, whether that be police reports and/or medical counsel among other forms of evidence. When exploring your potential personal injury case, collect your physical evidence and establish the negligence involved in your case.

Negligence is described as a failure to exercise ordinary or reasonable care that is expected under certain circumstances. Under federal and state laws, individuals partaking in a given industry or activity are to be held responsible for their actions. There are thousands of individuals being taken advantage of after personal injury because they do not have legal counsel. If you or someone you know was harmed while under the responsibility of another, please reach out to an attorney.

Personal injury cases include:

  • Automobile wrecks
  • Medical malpractice
  • Slip-and-fall
  • All other cases where one person is liable for injuries caused to another person