What is Defamation

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Defamation is the publication of a false statement that injures a person’s reputation. A case of defamation can lead to a lawsuit for money damages to recover when your financial, physical, and/or emotional wellbeing have suffered. A defamation case can be difficult to prove, with many defenses and subtle legal rules, requiring expert counsel. The Virginia statute of limitations for defamation cases is just one year from the date of publication of the false statement, so it’s important to contact a lawyer in a timely manner. To ensure success of your Defamation case its important to have a reliable and experienced lawyer representing you. Schedule your consultation here.


How do I know if I have a viable defamation case?

The success of a quality defamation case depends on many factors. Oftentimes, a potential plaintiff first considers whether the defendant will be able to pay a claim. This is true in defamation cases: that sometimes people’s reputations are defamed so egregiously that they have no choice but to sue for damages, otherwise the defamation will continue indefinitely. For this reason, if you are considering bringing a defamation lawsuit, it is important to schedule a consultation

What are the first steps to filing a defamation case?


The first step is to determine whether or not the statements are capable of defamatory meaning. A statement of opinions can not constitute defamation. The difference between opinion and fact is sometimes difficult to discern. Once the statements themselves have been analyzed, a potential defamation plaintiff must decide to file suit in general district court or circuit court. General district court is much more affordable than circuit court with respect to litigation. However, in general district court the plaintiff can only sue for a maximum of fifty thousand dollars. Oftentimes it makes sense to bring suit against defendants that do not have “deep pockets” in general district court for financial and practical reasons. Suing in general district court is also much faster. On the other hand, filing suit in circuit court is the only option if the damages are above fifty thousand dollars. Jake Denton has significant experience bringing defamation claims in both general district court and circuit court.